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Delivery Day!

What a wonderful ending to such a sad story! Over the last few weeks Mana has been busy with donation drives to help our friends at Appleton WA KCFD#13. Having experienced 3 major break-ins resulting in thousands of dollars in property damages and theft, Appleton sent out a cry for help. We immediately saw the need to drop everything and help in anyway we can.

We gathered an amazing amount of supplies and support from so many businesses and men and women around the northwest. The list is long!

3,432 bottles of water, 688 bottles of Gatorade, 60 bottles of Powerade, 10 Monster energy drinks, 60 bottles of Sparkling Water, 21 bags of beef jerky, 5 bags of trail mix, 54 bags of assorted nut mix, 5 tubs of peanuts, 1,275 energy bars, 10 pepperoni sticks, 4 instant Mac N’ Cheese, 194 cracker packs, 1 tuna salad pack, 1 microwavable chili, 90 snack packs, 138 bags of chips, 16,767 baby wipes, 36 diapers, 4 baby bottles, 4 rolls of toilet paper!!!

The volunteers at the fire station were amazed at the amount of support that was created for them in their time of need!

We would like to thank the following:

The wonderful volunteers of Appleton KCFD #13, as well as Olympus Services LLC Fence, Deck & Concrete, Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office, Walmart in Chehalis WA, Winco Foods in Puyallup WA, Grocery Outlet in Chehalis WA, and the men and women of Lewis County for their support!!!

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