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Public-Private Partnerships

Wildfires are an annual occurrence in the American West, and this year is no different. As of July 16, more than 14,000 wildfires had burned through more than 1 million acres in the United States this year.

The good news: By working together with a public-private partnership, we can protect lives and property from devastating wildfire damage.

Wildfire preparedness is a shared responsibility among government agencies, communities and businesses. A public-private partnership occurs when people from the private sector team up with government officials to achieve a common goal.

According to the Community Preparedness Index (CPI), which measures community readiness for major disasters like wildfires, only 15 percent of Americans feel they are well prepared to handle such an event. The CPI also notes that community readiness varies greatly across population groups in the U.S., with rural residents feeling less prepared than their urban counterparts.

As a public-private partnership, we can provide holistic solutions to mitigate the risks of wildfires and gain community resilience. This will enable us to better protect our communities and resources.

Tackling this problem is about more than just fighting fires. We need to work on prevention. And we need your help.

We are asking you to partner with us in this effort. How? We have created a variety of ways in which you can support the efforts of your organization, Mana Wildfire Logistics, and the federal government.

These include:

Matching Gifts

Donate Supplies

Voluntary Agencies Active in Disasters (VAADs)

Fundraising Events

For more information or questions, email us at

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