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The legalities...

Here we go into the not so fun phase of our adventure! Lol after the excitement of Appleton we now get to hammer out the last of our procedures and policies, meet with a lawyer to discuss the rough draft of our bylaws, have an actual board meeting to vote in the policies bylaws etc. Also at the board meeting we get to vote for actual titles and create our corporate board (President, Vice President, etc). Finally after all that is complete and we have a legal frame work of a company we can FINALLY submit our 501(c)3 application to the IRS.

It‘s for sure a long process and our individual work schedules don’t help at all. But that being said we are diligently plugging away at it and communicate daily. Jessica also joined on to be a full time member of this team so we will be getting an about me written up for her soon!

That is about all that is new this week. We will keep this blog updated regularly even when we’re doing boring stuff!

Lots of love from us at Mana!

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