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Mana Wildfire Logistics

Mana Wildfire Logistics Covid-19 Charitable Response Policy

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Mana Wildfire Logistics’ mission is to be able to provide disaster assistance to community members that are forced to evacuate due to Level 3 evacuations from wildfires in the Pacific Northwest. This also includes residents forced out of their homes during active fires outside of the various evacuation levels when their residence or business is destroyed by a wildfire.

The fire season of 2020 is made more difficult due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the nation. This policy highlights how Mana Wildfire Logistics will abide by all state and federal mandates as well as guidelines set forth by the CDC. These precautions will allow us to stay within our mission of philanthropy yet still provide help to those in need within a safe and reasonable manner.

When our assistance is activated:

When Mana Wildfire Logistics receives a call from EMS, caseworker, family, or community member in need we will immediately ask

the following questions.

  1. How many people are affected by this particular incident.

  2. How many adults, children, or members of the family are in need.

  3. Genders of victims to allow us to specialize gender specific clothing or goods.

  4. Do the victims have a dwelling or residence that they can go too, or are they

    going to the shelter set up by the community or other non profit?

  5. What items specifically they will need from our organization based upon

    available inventory.

Mana Wildfire Logistics will then take this information and customize a response care package for the family or community members. These items will come from our stockpiled supplies and will be hand selected by a member of our team wearing a mask and gloves following all state, federal, and CDC guidelines. These items will be sanitized and placed in a sanitized paper bag sealed with either staples or adhesive tape with our logo.

Once sealed, these items will be considered safe and sanitized from Covid-19. If these seals are broken at anytime contents will be re-sanitized and sealed in a new sanitized bag or after original bag has been re-sanitized.

Documentation will be made and retained showing what the contents of each care package was and who it was for.

This information will show:

  1. Date and time care package was sealed.

  2. Contents of care package following our inventory policy.

  3. Name of family, community member, case worker, or EMS representative care

    package will be handed too.

  4. Invoice number displayed on package


When care packages are delivered they will be delivered in such a manner that allows as little handling of the package as possible. We will try at all times to approach this as a “no contact” drop off. If such circumstances arise that force our organization to leave the care package with a shelter, other non profit, case worker, EMS system, or other means negotiated by the receiver of package, we will not be able to guarantee the sanitization of our package anymore. These items will fall under the new handlers covid-19 sanitization policy, or the sanitization standards of the retainer of our package which implies the victim has agreed to this by using this method of delivery.

Volunteers for Mana Wildfire Logistics will at all times maintain social distancing standards, wear a mask, and wear gloves in line with the governors “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Proclamation 20-25.

By accepting our assistance the victim assumes all responsibility for the safety of the products donated to them and has the right to refuse our services or products at any time during the donation process. Mana Wildfire Logistics also assumes the right to deny services at anytime to anyone for any reason.

Mana Wildfire Logistics also assumes the right to deny services to anyone deemed a potential threat to the safety of our volunteers whether that is someone not following the governors “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” proclamation, mask mandate, social distancing policy, appears sick, or shows signs of infection with covid-19.

Mana Wildfire Logistics will find as many other avenues as possible to allow the victim to pick up their disaster relief supplies to ensure that our mission is followed if they have any conditions that prevent our volunteers from being present in the delivery process. The safety of all parties involved is paramount to the completion of our mission.

Covid-19 Charitable Response Policy: Text
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