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"I was first introduced to MANA wildfire logistics in August 2020 when I had brought up some donations to help with the Palmer fire outside of Tonasket, which is approximately an hour from my home. I briefly mentioned to Mykal and Molly that I had worked on the Carlton complex fire in 2015 which was approximately 1/2 an hour the opposite way from my home and I had developed a passion for fire relief. We exchange numbers not realizing how important it would be in the future.


Just one month later my own hometown was hit with the Cold Springs/Pearl Hill fire and in no time at all MANA had the word out and were getting us donations on the other side of the state. Within just a couple of days they had a couple of trucks and a big trailer to our fire relief center full of all the best donations we could ask for: water, snacks, power drinks, sleeping bags, pillows, baby supplies, cleaning items and even some gift cards. Had I put together a specific list, they had already had some or most of it for us!!


MANA took multiple of their own days just to get the donations and then another entire day to bring us these items and then drive back home in the dark over two passes. 

I have spent over five years directly involved in fire relief work-MANA is an amazing support system to have and their crew is all unbelievably kind and a pleasure to work with! It is beyond obvious to all of those that have had any experience with them that MANA has a great program to assist with fire relief. I know without a doubt I can call them with our next fire and they will be alongside me helping on their end. Thank you MANA for all you have done and continue to do!"

Yavonne Polvos, Carlton Complex core member & Pearl Hill Relief center lead


Daniel Pratt and Katherine Gunn Bennett Okanogan Highlands Fire Watch Group

"Tonasket Oroville Disaster Relief Team wanted to thank Mana Wildfire Logistics for their generous donations to our team during the 2020 Palmer Fire. Our relief team is a very small charity that is just now getting our feet on the ground. When the Palmer Fire happened our team scrambled to get relief supplies to our survivors. Mana Wildfire Logistics contacted us and donated 25 gas cards for our survivors as well as 25 cases of water. Those initial donations launched our small group into a full scale relief effort for all of those that lost homes during the Palmer fire. We were so grateful for their support. Mana Wildfire Logistics has also pledge their continued support for our relief team for which we are so appreciative. Being such a small community with limited resources and limited contacts we know that Mana Wildfire Logistics will prove to be a great resource in the coming wildfire seasons."

Thank you!

Tonasket Oroville Disaster Relief Team

I got the opportunity to work with Mana Wildlife Logistics in September of 2020 when fires were raging all over Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Mana was super helpful as I worked a T-shirt fundraiser to help raise money for those affected by the fires that season. Their crew was great to work with, quick to respond, organaized and their hearts are all in it to help those in need either it be fire season or not.

Kaitlyn Klemke, fundraiser for relief efforts

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