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Mykal Taylor

Chairman of the Board


Thank you for allowing myself the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Mykal Taylor. Alongside my wife and two of my closest friends I bring our efforts to the attention of media, business, and the public. Working closely with other people dedicated to the concept of philanthropy, I look to bring new avenues for our cause to be heard.

With our wildland fire seasons growing steadily worse year by year I stand beside myself knowing that there are very few non-profit organizations involved in this fight. Our first responders rely mainly on donated funds and goods throughout the year for all occasions. But during our dry summer heat and droughts
these supplies get easily exhausted. Stepping up to bridge the gap between initial activation before state or federal funding is allocated to a disaster is where we step in to help.

Utilizing community outreach and marketing allows us to approach business leaders and community members unaware of our cause. This allows us to show the public just how bad the situation is, as well as gives us the opportunity to show exactly what we can do to help. Our pledge is simple; “Provide the highest level of service, with the lowest overhead possible”. Allowing us to make sure more donated money goes to the actual cause rather than administrative expenses.

Molly Taylor

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Molly Taylor.

My duties include organizing and planning donation events, community outreach, organizing our volunteer work force, as well as coordinating our fund raising efforts.

During 2017 I was called to duty with my husband to help with supplies for the Rice Ridge Fire in Seeley Lake, Montana.

Alongside Mykal, we set up a donation event in Chehalis WA and over the course of two days we were able to acquire enough goods to fill the bed of our truck, as well as collect $450 dollars that was split between two of the volunteer departments in the area. I also helped deliver a load of locally acquired goods to Zack Houston, our friend and business associate's drive he was a part of with the Jolly Mountain Fire.

The impact those fires had on myself opened my eyes to the lack of organized efforts that provide services for our first responders and communities. Having felt the warmth of charity and the faces of the people amazed that we cared for a community over 600 miles away strengthened my resolve and commitment to serve.

That same motivation is the driving force behind all of us teaming together to bring this into existence. Please take this introduction as my pledge to provide help in any manner available and my personal promise to serve no matter what the cost.

Robert Resseau

Vice Chairman Mana West


I would like to start off by welcoming you and thanking you for visiting our site.  My name is Rob and a native of the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve been involved in some capacity of service to these communities for 20 years and knew this opportunity was a perfect fit with my background.  

     I’ve volunteered my time to organizations and have been a program director of a global non-profit that advocated, procured and mentored for change.  Ive managed events, work sites, networked with other organizations, the community, as well as meeting our annual campaign goals.  

     Driven by my own mission, I walked away from the program and gave my time to a local volunteer station.  I went through their first fire academy as a firefighter when the railroad offered me a position.  I took on another challenge in a new career that took me out to Eastern Montana, where I also continued to serve as a volunteer firefighter in Glasgow, MT.  Through, an economic downturn and a stint in Delaware for passenger rail service and a season in Idaho for freight service, I ended up home and serving my local church and again giving my time to the same organization I started at.   

     Fast forward to 2020, another economic downturn and a great opportunity to fulfill my calling of service.  I knew this group, their mission, would be a perfect fit.  I hope that I can push forward a mission to serve those that give their lives to serve us.  Be bold.  Be brave.  Join us, share in this adventure of giving.  Thank you.

Benjamin Alfiche

2nd Vice Chairman


My name is Benjamin Alfiche,

I am humbled to be a part of a team that is furthering efforts and what our overall mission here is at Mana Wildfire.

Some background about me, I am an 8 year Marine Corps veteran. Through my time in the Marine Corps I was able to be a part of several humanitarian aid teams and missions spanning from flood relief, wildfire, and various other natural disasters. I have a strong background in logistics and support. The situation, the place, the time may change. But the effort and the mission remain intact always, and that is to help provide aid to those who are in need.

What I do for Mana Wildfire, I facilitate marketing and networking. This day in age, we have resources and tools that make it easier to reach out and meet new people or bring awareness to our team and what we do. I take great pride in being the force and energy behind bringing awareness to Mana and our purpose.

I am currently a Locomotive Engineer for a class 1 railroad, full time IT (Information Technology) student and very active overall. I enjoy physical fitness, video games, computers, and reading about history.

Mallory Griffith

Development Specialist


Hi there, I’m Mallory Griffith. A little about me, I was born and raised in Portland, Or and moved to Spokane, Wa in November 2020. I love the Pacific Northwest and I spend my free time hiking and exploring all of the beauty it has to offer. In addition to hiking, I love volunteering in the community, watching sports and I am always down for some live music! 


I am honored to join the dedicated Mana Wildfire team as their Development Specialist. Mana Wildfire is doing some amazing things in the community and their mission is at the heart. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work on a capital campaign to help save a school, it is there where my passion for helping nonprofits started to blossom. Over the years, I have continued to dive deep into the nonprofit world, grow my skills and gain experience. I am dedicated to helping foster a culture of philanthropy here at Mana and I cannot wait to watch us grow! 



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